Marina Sarmiento,Elisa Gagliano+José Jiménez

Marina Sarmiento

Argentina/Director. Choreographer Dancer. Performer, Teacher, Artistic producer
(1979, Córdoba, Argentina)
Director. Choreographer Dancer. Performer. Graduated in Social Work at the National University of Cordoba (UNC), teacher and artistic producer. Her creative work has been deeply influenced by contact with other cultures and experiences and crosses the visual, dance, theater, sound and performance. She teaches training, perception-proprioception of the body and research movement. She writes about the process in order to disseminate the reflections around the production of knowledge and experimentation in dance as the crossing with other arts. She is interested in the crossing of languages in the search for a singular, critical and autonomous one around the body, memory and time from the southern perspective. Has received support, awards and participated in festivals and meetings in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Bolivia, Chile, Japan, Indonesia with her works and in collaboration with artists, researchers and curators. Lives and works between Buenos Aires and Unquillo, Córdoba, Argentina.

Elisa Gagliano

Argentina/Director. Actress, Writer, Performer
(1984, Córdoba, Argentina)
Director. actress, writer and performer. She holds a degree in Theater from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, studied History and Philosophy, and completed a Diploma in Creative Writing directed by Maria Negroni at the UNTREF. She has participated as an actress in national and international award-winning feature films. She works regularly writing scripts for plays, films, TV series and comedy shows; and coordinates creative writing workshops, making teaching an engaging experience of research and exchange with others. Her artistic work intertwines cartographies, diaries and collages, feeding a living archive that explores ways of constructing Latin American, feminist and non-binary knowledge. She has presented her work in Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Germany and Argentina. Lives and works in Salsipuedes, Córdoba, Argentina.

José Jiménez

Argentina/Visual artist
Self-taught new technologies investigator, born in the city of Neuquen in Patagonia, Argentina, José Jimenez appears as mandatory reference in the new wave of visualists and promoters of new technologies in the visual arts, outside the conventional artistic circuit.
From the organization of technologic spreading events such as Dorkbot Buenos Aires and TDI, to his participation in Clandestina Weekend Nerd (open group and forum) and the curatorship of vjs for different events.

2022 project

  • ©︎Laura Zanotti

  • ©︎Laura Zanotti

  • ©︎Laura Zanotti

  • ©︎Laura Zanotti


A performance duo IraKKari and R3nder, based in Córdoba and Buenos Aires, Argentina, will conduct their research and experimentation on the idea they conceived during the lockdown period for Covid-19.
During the one-month residency, the artists will not only rehearse in the studio, but also conduct research on sound and scenery in the Kinosaki area, interact with citizens and local artists, and conduct research on a walking tour of the Tajima area. At the end of the residency, public rehearsals will be held using a variety of media, including video, sound, performance, costume, and text.