Tomoko Sato

Tomoko Sato

Born in Nagano in 1990. Lives and works in Kanagawa, Japan. Received her M.F.A. in Film and New Media from Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts. Sato expresses with “narrative,” mainly in her lecture-performance which is her main activity.
Her recent works include “The Reversed Song, A Lecture on ‘Shiro-Kitsune (The White Fox)’” (2018), “The Debris and Tower” and “The Double Tsuburaya” (as part of “New Tokyo Excursion Project” by Port B, 2018-2019), “Centaurus on Route 103” (2018), “MINE EXPOSURES” (2019), “TWO PRIVATE ROOMS—A Circle of Reading” (as co-project with Natsumi Aoyagi, 2020-), “Index for a Obake Tokyo” (2021-).

2022 project

TWO FEMALES - Crane / Antigone
  • "The Reversed Song, A Lecture on Shiro-Kitsune (The White Fox)" (2018)

  • “The Debris and Tower” (2018) Photo by Masahiro Hasunuma

  • “Index for a Obake Tokyo” (2021) ©Theater Commons '21 / Photo by Shun Sato


An artist known for her “narrative” with lecture performances, Tomoko Sato will create a new narrative of Toyooka. She will conduct an extensive research on subjects such as history and legend of Toyooka and relationships between humans and animals in cooperation with cultural anthropologists.
The legend of a stork healing its wounds in Kinosaki onsen, a folk tale “The Grateful Crane”, an opinion on a traditionally considered fortunate combination “A crane and pine trees” to question if it really was a stork, and “Antigone” as scientific name of a genus of large birds in the crane family… Such topics will be studied in the process of developing a new lecture performance.