Koichiro Tamura

@Koh Shinji

Koichiro Tamura

Japan/Dance artist/Choreographer
Choreographer, Dance Artist and Found- er of the Company DANCE PJ REVO - As- sociate Company of NPO DANCE BOX. Based in Yokohama and Kobe, Tamura works internationally; he has held res- idencies and performed in Korea and France and is scheduled to tour in Lon- don, UK and Sibiu, Romania in 2020. As a choreographer, Tamura is recognized for his capacity of realizing detailed composition and designing the perfor- mance space, as well as his attitude to challenge the society and its stereo- types. Not only has he been engaged in the participatory dance projects for local citizens, he continues to hold his unique “Anyone-can-be-a-choreogra- pher-workshop“ in Japan and abroad. In Hong Kong, he has worked with children with Down’s syndrome. Tamura seeks to be involved with the society through the dance. Winner of French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers and FITS Prize (both 2018), Outstanding New Artist Prize (2016) and Encouragement Prize (2015) of Yokohama Dance Collection.

2020 project

Creation for European tour of “F/BRIDGE“
  • 『F/BRIDGE』©︎Yoichi Tsukada

  • 『STUMP PUMP』©︎Junpei Iwamoto


Residency by a dance artist and choreographer Koichiro Tamura, founder of DANCE PJ REVO, to rework on the performance “F/ BRIDGE”, which he choreographed and presented as a graduation performance of the university in 2015. In 2018, the performance was praised at Yokohama Dance Collection – Competition I, winning the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer and FITS Prize.
Looking ahead to the European tour in London and Romania, Ta- mura intends to develop it into a full-length performance along with new dancers. Towards the end of the residency, they will present a work-in-progress performance. The feedbacks received from the audience serves to develop the performance before their going on to the tour.