Japan/playwright , director
Born in Fukushima in 1982 and raised in Chiba. After studying drama at Meiji University and in England, Tani founded his company DULL-COLORED POP in 2005. His play and direction achieved acclaim for the pop and rock creation style. In 2013, Tani was awarded the 6th Yushi Odashima Translated Play Award and ACA National Arts Festival Excellence Award with the translation and direction of “Freud’s Last Lesson”. In 2019, he presented “Fukushima Trilogy”, which depicts the history of Fukushima prefecture and the nuclear power-generating plants, and it has drawn more than 10,000 audience. With this work, Tani received the 64th Kishida Kunio Drama Award, and with the second part “1986: Mobius Strip” the 23rd Tsuruya Namboku Drama Award. Active to work outside his company as well, recently he has presented “Human History” (texts and direction).

2021 project



A new creation by DULL-COLORED POP, a theater group led by playwright and director Kenichi Tani. This piece aims to depict social issues facing Japan today after listening to various interviews on people’s thoughts and experiences surrounding pregnancy and childbirth. A work-in-progress showing will be held at the end of the residency and, on the second day of the performance, the roles of men and women will be switched to follow the theme of "imagining being a gender and living a life different from one’s own”. After the residency, the full performance will be held in Tokyo and Osaka.