Ryo Ikeda / yumei

©Mari Kawakita

Ryo Ikeda / yumei

Japan/Playwright, Director, Visual artist.
Playwright, director and visual artist. Born in 1982, Saitama Prefecture. Ikeda graduated from Tokyo University of Arts, Department of Sculpture of the Graduate School of Fine Arts. Ikeda is a founding member and representative of a creators’ collective “yumei” which produces and creates stage works, art works and video works. He belongs to PTA Inc. “Shape”, a stage work based on his real experience, was selected as the stage of the year 2019 by TV Bros journal and the best production of 2019 by Teatro, and it was restaged for the geigeki eyes series of Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre in 2021. In recent years, he has been writing numerous scripts for TV dramas or animations, music videos and other video works, as well as writing essays on web media.

2022 project

aka aka
  • yumei "aka"(2018)©Naoki Takehisa


A highly acclaimed company for their unique approach to interweave reality and fiction, originated from what has happened in the past or from the real experience the author has gone through, “yumei” will work on creation of a new work.
Their past work “aka”, which dealt with the relationships among Ryo Ikeda (playwright and director), his father and his grandfather and the paintings of his grandfather and painter Kazusue Ikeda, will be revisited to create a new performance.
At its premiere in 2018, “aka” was well received for the joint performance of Ikeda and his father. In Kinosaki, the father and son will work on creating a story from the paintings of Kazusue with actors who are not their family. After the residency, the performance will tour to Kanagawa and Mie.