Gekidan Awai

L: Kentaro Otsuka / R: Kantaro Matsuo

Gekidan Awai

Tokyo/Theatre company
Co-founded in 2018 by playwright and director Kentaro Otsuka and actor Kantaro Matsuo, the company finds the essence in the physical presence of theater and continues to doubt about the conventional structure of theater which tends to aim for imitating the acting in film. The subtle instability of role and performers, and the unordinariness of silence and subtle space in between of traditional performing arts such as Japanese comic storytelling Rakugo, Noh Theater or Shakespeare plays are translated into the modern, extremely ordinary dialogues, so that the audience is guided towards “somewhere not here”. Based on the diligent cross-disciplinary research on the theme, they cite and combine texts from a wide variety of eras and cultures. Recipient of the CoRich Theatre Grand Prix (2019). In February 2020,
marked as the youngest company to perform at Honda Theater in Shimokitazawa.

2021 project

  • 第3回公演『ソネット』

  • 第4回公演『どさくさ』