Keiko Yamaguchi / BRDG & Ian Segarra / PETA

photo by Koichiro Kojima

Keiko Yamaguchi / BRDG

Japan/Theater maker, Actor
BRDG was founded by Keiko Yamaguchi, Kyoto based theater maker, as a place to conduct theater related projects. The first piece "Hashi × Watashi" was based on the fieldwork of existing bridges in Kyoto and Osaka. Since then, it continued conducting fieldwork within the creating process by doing interviews and workshops to people and their stories that can be encountered in daily life. Last couple years, BRDG has worked with Ian Segarra from PETA in the Philippines. With the support from Japan Foundation Asia Center, BRDG and Ian co-directed a piece “Fureru-Haplos” (2020) in Kyoto and Tokyo, and “Light of the City” in Ebara Riverside Theatre Studio (2021) which was rehearsed online and performed .

Ian Segarra / PETA

Philippine/Actor, Director
Actor, director and Senior Artist-Teacher of the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA). In addition to the work with PETA, as an actor, Segarra has been part of numerous productions with different companies and performed in different countries, such as Tanghalang Pilipino’s ”Manila Notes” under the direction of Oriza Hirata and Sipat Lawin Ensemble’s “Battalia Royale”.
He has directed plays which were part of the Virgin Labfest held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. He also did direction and choreography for PETA productions.
He has done collaborative work with different artists from different countries in Europe and Asian countries. In Japan, he worked with Japanese director Kenjiro Otani for the Next Generation Programme and Australian director Fraser Corfield for “The Story of the Little Gentleman” which was performed in Okinawa. With Japanese theater maker and actor Keiko Yamaguch, he co-directed PETA’s online performance of “Hello”, “Fureru/Haplos” performed in Tokyo and Kyoto, and “Light of the City” which was developed online and performed live in Toyooka and Kyoto. He is currently developing a new musical for PETA entitled “Walang Aray”, which will be the first live theater performance of the company since the pandemic has started.

2023 project

New Creation
  • “Fureru/Haplos”

  • 『通信ノート』(2019, UrBANGUILD)


Collaboration between a Kyoto-based theater group BRDG and a Manila-based theater company PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association).
Based on an existing community cafe in Kyoto, after their research in Japan and the Philippines, the piece will portray a possible community created by the cafe and people who move between different countries.