Nanako Matsumoto and Kengo Nishimoto / team chiipro

Nanako Matsumoto and Kengo Nishimoto / team chiipro

Japan/Performance duo
A performance duo currently made up of Nanako Matsumoto and Kengo Nishimoto. The unit's practice has centered around the theme of the body and gesture’s potential as critique. In recent years the unit has been practicing research-based dance projects that interweave multiple contexts evoked by a particular dance step or gesture and the physical sensations and memories of the performers.

2024 project

Research project on “waterside area and transformation” for “Kappa Man”
  • 2023年夏台北にて ©Paul Chao

  • チーム・チープロ「女人四股ダンス ワークインプログレス」(2022、竹野)©岡はるか

  • 2023年夏台北にて ©松本奈々子

  • チーム・チープロ「京都イマジナリー・ワルツ」(2021、京都) ©岡はるか


Known for their artistic works created through research about specific area and history, team chiipro - a performance collective formed by Nanako Matsumoto and Kengo Nishimoto - will conduct research on oral traditions, monumental sites, topography, memories, and festivals related to "waterside" and "kappa," in order to construct texts for their new work. From those texts, they will develop a "yokaibody," which transforms a body and dance into a "yokai."