Creative Music Festival

Representative of Creative Music Festival: Yu Wakao

Creative Music Festival

A workshop-focused art festival for new musical practices that began in 1998. It is also a movement to bring the art practice back to ordinary people from the long standing specialist-centered art. Different artists from Japan and abroad such as Yoshihide Otomo and Joel Leandre have been invited as guests, and a wide range of people including music teachers, music therapists, musicians, artists, dance artists, and students have participated in the festival. (Members: Yu Wakao, Daisuke Terauchi, Kumi Wakao, and Tamaho Miyake)

2022 project

Dancing (more or less) “The Rite of Spring“
  • Creative Music Festival 2008

  • Creative Music Festival 2009「LISTENING IMAGINATION」


Residential program “Creative Music Festival” founded by researcher and practitioner of music therapy Yu Wakao for non-professionals. Under the facilitation of Wakao, participants gathered by open call will discuss to create an original dance of“The Rite of Spring”composed by Igor Stravinsky. The program is open to everyone, including non-professionals who have never had any experiences in dance nor music. The music may be varied or interrupted by some improvisation so that they don’t have to create a technically correct dance piece. There will be a performance by the participants on the last day as a result of three-days residency.