Miho Shimizu + Ryuichiro Suzuki

© Annemarijn Vlinder

Miho Shimizu(Miho Shimizu)

Working mainly with textile, Shimizu creates scenography for the live events and film works, as well as costumes and props for performers and dancers. In 2018, she presented a performance “xhe“ in collaboration with a dancer and choreographer Daniel Kok.

© Hiromi Osada

Ryuichiro Suzuki(Ryuichiro Suzuki)

Born in 1984 in Shizuoka prefecture. Interested in biology and folklore studies, Suzuki travels to different places to shoot his photography. In recent years, he has utilized a technique in which he applies a special treatment to Peel-apart Polaroids. His works recall imagined scenery by focusing on distance, boundary and similarities.

2021 project

Before You Dream
  • © Ryuichiro Suzuki


An artist Miho Shimizu and a photographer Ryuichiro Suzuki are working on a longterm collaborative project, which explores performing arts by taking their inspiration from the stage set like landscape of Kinosaki and the dreams which people see while sleeping. The residency in 2020 was postponed due to the COVID-19, but they started an online radio program as part of their research and creative process. During the residency at KIAC in 2021, they will continue to develop the project through interactions with local people.

Before You Dream (Radio Program)

2020 project

Baku Eat Dreams and Keep Diaries
  • "xhe" Daniel Kok & Miho Shimizu ( dans fest 2018, Esplanade Annexe, Singapore ) 2018 ©Bernie Ng

  • ©Ryuichiro Suzuki "青に会う 2017.10–11"(2017)