Kiyoshi Hashimoto and Kenta Yamazaki | y/n

L: © 三上ナツコ/R: © 三野 新

Kiyoshi Hashimoto and Kenta Yamazaki|y/n

y/n was founded in 2019 by Kiyoshi Hashimoto (director, actor) and Kenta Yamazaki (critic, dramaturg). Their projects are based on interviews and research, and in a sustainable way. The name of the unit implies binary opposition, contradiction, the state before reaching the answer, invisibility as impossibility to google, anonymity, private desire, and yen. Recent works include “Coming Out Lessons” (Feb., 2020) and “Sex / Work / Art” (Feb., 2021).

2021 project

『カミングアウトレッスン』『セックス/ワーク/アート』『How to Murder in the Closet』レパートリー化のための滞在制作
  • y/n『カミングアウトレッスン』(2020)

  • y/n『カミングアウトレッスン』(2020)


The artist group y/n by Kiyoshi Hashimoto and Kenta Yamazaki will work on refinement of their 3 lecture performances on the homosexuality to set them as repertoire works: “Coming Out lessons” on the coming out, “Sex / Work / Art” to reflect on the similarities and differences between actors and sex workers, who are both providers of a “service” through their own bodies, and “How to Murder in the Closet” that deals with concealing and revealing the secret of sexual orientation, by bringing a locked-room murder of detective novels into play. Upon the residency, they will look for the opportunities to present these works in Japan and abroad.