Miyuki Tanaka & Masako Yasumoto

© Shiho Kito (Yahoo!News)

Miyuki Tanaka

Japan/Curator, Producer
Through the projects that deal with expressions which are not yet defined with values, Tanaka gives another thought to how to watch and consider them with diverse audiences. Recent projects include: film “NIGHT CRUISING” (2019), “Speaking to the Senses: Visual Language for Theater” (from 2020 onward) and so on.

©Narihiro Matsumoto

Masako Yasumoto

Japan/Dancer, Choreographer
Yasumoto does not only present her own work, but works in different fields from theatre and film to advertising. She often holds workshops in elementary schools; and she recently started a workshop called “Seriously? An Open
Conversation About Sex Education”. Neither of her workshops is the lesson to learn how-to. Since 2020, Yasumoto is Fellow of the Saison Foundation

2021 project

dance work in progress seen with sound 2 (working title)
  • "dance work in progress seen with sound (working title)"final ©Masanobu Nishino


Employing the texts set off from the “audio description” which assists people with visual impairment, this project invites audiences with and without visual impairment to watch dance performances together. Produced by a curator Miyuki Tanaka, for 3 years from 2017 to 2019, the project was realized at KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theatre. As the continuation of the project, Tanaka works with a dancer Masako Yasumoto to create a duo performance. They will dissolve the border of what can be seen and what not, to question the meaning of watching a dance performance with others.