Yuni Hong Charpe “ENCORE” Workshop : Oriental Dance Club

  • Graphic:Tezzo Suzuki

  • Cooperation:ICA Kyoto


Yuni Hong Charpe is an artist, based in France and Japan. This workshop is a part of the creation of "ENCORE" about Choi Seung-hee, a Korean dancer during the Japanese colonial era. It begins with a lecture of Korean dance, then we think about the movements of the "Orient" and "West" also actually move our body.

Artist based in France and Japan, Yuni Hong Charpe leads a research project on dance and texts regarding Choi Seung-hee (1911-1969), a dancer from Korea under Japanese rule. As suggested by the title in French, Yuni will apply the method of reproducing the same circumstance repeatedly to the workshop with foreigners living in Toyooka and its surrounding areas and to the creation of a lecture-performance with collaborators, a “Zainichi (living in Japan)” Korean dancer and a Japanese-French interpreter. Then they will create a video work during the process.
The complex identity of Choi, who was called “Dancer from the Peninsula” for her brilliant performances around the world from Japan, Korea to Europe and the United States, will be examined, in order to reflect on our identity of the present and to revisit the problem of “Zainichi” foreigners which became evident with the pandemic situation. The works are scheduled to be presented in Kyoto and France after the residency.

  • Yuni Hong Charpe

    Yuni Hong Charpe

April 15th, 2022(Fri) 18:00- 21:00
Kinosaki International Arts Center
Free to participate *Prior reservation is required
People aged 18 and over who are interested in performance and physical expression. Those who agree to film on the day.
(* No dance experience required)
Approximately 6
Please wear comfortable clothes.
Images, photos and things associated with the word "Orient" (if any)
*We will shoot video for the creation of the project. It may be used in the works of artists or for public relations purposes in the future. Please do not participate if you want to avoid the reflection of your face.
Institute of Contemporary Arts Kyoto
Kyoto Performing Arts Center, Joint Usage/Research Center 2020
RAM Association(Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts)
Supported by
Kawamura Arts and Cultural Foundation
Arts Aid KYOTO
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