François-Xavier Rouyer and Kyoko Takenaka “KIAC Onsen Miracle Tales(tentative title)” Work-in-Progress Showing

  • Research@Toyooka City_Hidaka area(2022.8)

  • Research@Toyooka City_Takeno area(2022.8)

  • Research@Toyooka City_Izushi area(2022.8)


A collaborative project by François-Xavier Rouyer, a playwriter and stage director, and Kyoko Takenaka, an actress, both based in France. This is a performance work conducted by one actress and words alone on the theme of "faith" in theater.

The residency will be divided into two parts: the first part will consist on regional research and playwriting, and the second part, seven months later, will consist of creative work and a trial performance. By relying on "translations" of texts both written in French and Japanese, the artists will develop a prototype of a play composed solely of "narratives" that will shake the boundaries between fiction and documentary.

After the residency, a performance with a minimum number of actors (one!) is planned in order to explore new possibilities for international collaboration in the field of performing arts after the Corona Disaster, a way to think again about the "simplicity" of the pure co-presence of an actor and an audience.
  • François-Xavier Rouyer and Kyoko Takenaka

    François-Xavier Rouyer and Kyoko Takenaka

at 16:00 on Saturday, March 18, 2023
Kinosaki International Arts Center Hall
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