Frédéric Feliciano / Friiix Club
Artist Talk

  • ©Manon Dublanc

  • ©Manon Dublanc


Frédéric Feliciano, a French contemporary puppetry artist based in Bordeaux, will work on his new creation on the living juvenile offender who stole airplanes.
Can he become a popular hero? Inspired also by the Japanese manga, this crazy but delicate puppetry performance will be dedicated to the teenagers.

During the residency, the artist will conduct research on traditional Japanese puppets and puppet theater, and at the artist talk at the end of the residency, he will introduce himself and his past activities as well as his new works.
*Consecutive Japanese-English interpretation will be provided.
  • Frédéric Feliciano / Friiix Club

    Frédéric Feliciano / Friiix Club

at 19:00 on Wednesday, June 14, 2023
Kinosaki International Arts Center
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