Keiko Yamaguchi / BRDG & Ian Segarra / PETA “Sari Sali(tentative title)” Work-in-Progress Showing

  • "Fureru/Haplos"(2020)


Collaboration between a Kyoto-based theater group BRDG and a Manila-based theater company PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association).
Based on an existing community cafe in Kyoto, after their research in Japan and the Philippines, the piece will portray a possible community created by the cafe and people who move between different countries.
The title "Sari Sali" means "various" or "participation" in Tagalog.
They will actually create a café space in the hall for the rehearsal.
  • Keiko Yamaguchi / BRDG & Ian Segarra / PETA

    Keiko Yamaguchi / BRDG & Ian Segarra / PETA

at 13:00 on Saturday, Nov 25, 2023
Performance time about 90min.(TBD)
Kinosaki International Arts Center Hall
Co-produced by
The Japan Foundation, Manila
Supported by
The Saison Foundation
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