contact Gonzo + TS Crew
“Building a bridge (working tittle)”
Work-in-progress sharing

  • photo by Cheung Chi-wai


A research residency for a new creation by contact Gonzo (Japan) and TS Crew (Hong Kong), commissioned by the West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong. The two all-male physical theater and performance collectives, which have a common interest and background in martial arts and stunt work will tackle the theme of “building a bridge,” to explore its multifaceted context - social, political, economic, technological - in relation to the spatial and temporal dimensions of human interference in the world.

They will share this creation process through the work-in-progress sharing.

After this residency, the first stage development of the work will be presented at Freespace Dance 2024 and the final full-length work will be premiered at Freespace Dance 2025, a dance festival presented by West Kowloon Cultural District at Freespace within the District every November and December.
  • contact Gonzo + TS Crew

    contact Gonzo + TS Crew

2024/4/12 (Fri.) 19:30-
Kinosaki International Arts Center
contact Gonzo
Yuya Tsukahara, Keigo Mikajiri and Takuya Matsumi

TS Crew
Hugh Cho, Steve Ng, To Chi Sing, Tsoi Ka King, Lui Hal Man and Leo Lau

Commissioned by
West Kowloon Cultural District

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