Ayaka Ono Akira Nakazawa Spacenotblank

Photo by Dan Åke Carlsson

Ayaka Ono Akira Nakazawa Spacenotblank

Japan/Performing arts collective
A performing arts collective formed in 2012 by a performing arts duo Ayaka Ono and Akira Nakazawa. It explores the state and value of the performing arts while researching and developing new and original mechanisms, free from preconceived notions of the performing arts. Its creative roots are based on the communication that arises from specific environments and relationships, and it actively collaborates with different artists on each production.

2023 project

New Creation “Words and Shakespeare's Birds”
  • ”Words are not enough in Theatre”(2019, Kitazawa Town Hall)photo by Arata Mino


“We will start creation at KIAC a year from now.”
Having spent one year since the notice of this appointment, the team members will nally encounter each other in Kinosaki, with their words, bodies and time.
Ayaka Ono Akira Nakazawa Spacenotblank, who continues to explore the new forms of performing arts, will start its creation on the subject of a group of people and words, and the relationships with each other.