Art Translators Collective

Art Translators Collective

Japan/Interpreters and Translators
Formed in 2015, Art Translators Collective is a team of Japanese ⇆ English interpreters and translators specialized in art. Focusing on contemporary visual and performing arts, the group aims to provide quality interpretation and translation by utilizing their expertise and creativity. In recent years, the team has branched out beyond language translation. By developing communication environments that cater to each site of creation and promoting the value and potential of art translation, they have advocated for the idea of translation as a creative act in multifaceted ways. The collective currently has 12 members based in Japan and overseas.

2023 project

Art Translation Party : Game Production Project


A team of interpreters and translators specialized in contemporary art, Art Translators Collective will communicate and share the potential and creativity of the translation process in the arts. As well as developing games to share the experience of the translation process, they will organize round-table sessions and workshops, in order to present its value and importance in the creative environment and society.