Sho Takiguchi+Marcelo Evelin

Sho Takiguchi

Japan/Dancer, Musician, Sound designer
Self-taught, Takiguchi started playing the bass and making multi-track recordings at the age of 14. While at university, he fell in love with creating soundtracks for films he rented and played on mute. At the same time, he started a part-time job at a sound design company, where he learned to manage the sound operation for different events, such as performances, concerts, broadcastings, and ceremonies. Gradually he proceeded to experiment in order to satisfy his interests in the border between sound and music; when he encountered the Japanese art collective, hyslom at the border between city and mountain, he became intrigued by performances in which one uses his body as an instrument of play. Furthermore, an encounter with Marcelo Evelin opened the door to the world of dance. Since then, Takiguchi has participated in six of Evelin’s works in different roles: composer, performer, sound designer, and technical director. He also collaborated with Osushi, as a performer, sound designer, graphic designer, and dramaturg. In 2023, he produced his own project "operation and bugs" for the first time.

photo by Marc Domage

Marcelo Evelin

Brazil/Dancer, Choreographer, Researcher
Marcelo Evelin is a dancer, choreographer, and researcher. He lives between Teresina and Amsterdam, and works in Brazil, Japan, and several European countries as an independent artist at the helm of Plataforma Demolition Incorporada, based at CAMPO, a space for residency and resistance for the performing arts in Teresina, Piauí. His shows “Ai Ai Ai,”, “Barricada,”, “A Invenção da Maldade,” and “Uirapuru” are currently circulating in theaters and festivals around the world. He has taught at the Higher School of Arts in Amsterdam since 1999 and has been creating projects with universities and master's degree students , including ISAC (Brussels), Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid), EXERCE (Montpellier), and CND (Paris). In 2019, he received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa from the Federal University of Piaui.

2024 project

Device for Resonance (working title)
  • (Left)photo by manami tanaka/(Right)photo by Marc Domage


A collaboration between dancer, musician, and sound designer Show Takiguchi and Brazilian choreographer and performer Marcelo Evelin. The pair, from countries located on opposite sides of the globe, Japan and Brazil, will create a duo dance work inspired by their contrasting relationships to an imaginary creature called "antipoda," which means "antipode," or "opposite" in Portuguese.