Sho Takiguchi+Marcelo Evelin “Device for Resonance (working title)” Work-in-Progress Showing

  • photo: manami tanaka

  • photo: manami tanaka

  • photo: manami tanaka


A collaboration between dancer, musician, and sound designer Show Takiguchi and Brazilian choreographer and performer Marcelo Evelin. The pair, from countries located on opposite sides of the globe, Japan and Brazil, will create a duo dance work inspired by their contrasting relationships to an imaginary creature called "antipoda," which means "antipode," or "opposite" in Portuguese.
They will present the results of their month-long residency as a work-in-progress and give a talk after the performance.
  • Sho Takiguchi+Marcelo Evelin

    Sho Takiguchi+Marcelo Evelin

at 14:00 on Saturday, Jun 29, 2024
Kinosaki International Arts Center
In the talk, they will introduce their project activities during the residency and explain their works. Marcelo will also talk about Brazilian art and culture.
Japanese-English translation will be provided.
Translator: Keiko Yamaguchi
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