Dance workshop “Hand in Hand, We Dance”
by Shimmering Production (微光製造)

  • ©Shimmering Production, photo by Sinah Osner

  • ©Shimmering Production, Photo by LIN Yu-Quan


Dance workshops by Shimmering Production (微光製造), a dance company led by Taiwanese choreographer Yeu-kwn Wang will be held at Kinosaki International Arts Center. This workshop is open to those with no dance background.

Through games and combinations of actions, the workshop will lead the participants to deconstruct the daily body movements. By stretching with the breathing cycles, the participants will become more aware of their body and further attempt to create dance phrases that are unique to themselves.
Movement exercises. Exploring imaginations. Dance.

Workshop Instructor: Lee Yin-ying (photo by Chen You-Wei)

  • Yeu-Kwn Wang and Danang Pamungkas

    Yeu-Kwn Wang and Danang Pamungkas

Sunday, Dec. 17 at 3pm-4:30pm
Kinosaki International Arts Center
All ages are welcome, dance background is NOT REQUIRED
Please wear comfortable outfits that are suitable for exercise
Lee Yin-ying (co-founder and dancer of Shimmering Production)
Production|Shimmering Production
Support|the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan, Fiscal Year 2023, National Culture and Arts Foundation, Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Government
Partners|Yokohama Dance Collection, STUDIO ARCHITANZ
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